Founded in 1954 as a mold shop, we have engraved more than 65 years of history and tradition.
Based on our corporate philosophy of “improving our own and other personalities, enhancing mutual happiness, and benefiting the world’s culture and contributing to this world,” we have built an integrated production system for in-vehicle parts, etc., based on the core technology of mold manufacturing, and we are always proposing optimal manufacturing (complete molds and complete parts) to our customers.
In early 1990, We began to explore the idea of expanding out operations overseas.

We are also expanding our business to the medical field, selling in-house developed medical products other than automotive parts, and producing advanced medical parts.
In the trusted “monozukuri”, we first consider “human resource development” as the basis, and always aim for “perfection” and conduct personality education and skills education to develop and improve human resources.
Our goal is to contribute to society by realizing the fusion of manufacturing by making full use of our skills and advanced technologies such as AI, using molds, which are the core technologies of tradition, as our core technologies.

Mie Metal Industry Co.,Ltd President